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This is the official podcast of the Cigar Peg charity whose motto is Philanthropy Through Fun! Every two weeks we bring you another member to get to know better and maybe even learn something new!

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Wednesday Nov 22, 2023

Wednesday Nov 08, 2023

Wednesday Oct 11, 2023

Wednesday Sep 27, 2023

Wednesday Sep 13, 2023

Wednesday Aug 30, 2023

Wednesday Aug 16, 2023

Our next speaker has taken “people-pleasing” to Olympic levels. For decades, she put everyone else’s needs above her own… until she hit a metaphorical brick wall.  
After committing to one-too-many responsibilities, Sheryl discovered the importance of boundaries… okay, she actually discovered that boundaries were even “a thing.” Now, she’s on a mission to change the world, one boundary at a time.
If you’re ready to improve your relationships, your communication, and your well-being, please welcome Sheryl Green.  

Wednesday Aug 02, 2023


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Cigar PEG is the only place at Influence where top speakers and emerging talents get to rub shoulders together in a relaxed and social atmosphere.

You never know who you’re going to meet!



Go ahead and drink at the hotel bar if you want. But it’s gonna cost you big time. At Cigar PEG you pay once and enjoy unlimited premium adult beverages in our (smoke-free) private suite EVERY NIGHT of the convention!

PLUS you get to come to the EXCLUSIVE OFFSITE Cigar PEG Party!



When you join Cigar PEG you are joining a community of professionals who are also great friends. Cigar PEG members actively work to help each other throughout the year.

So be our friend!


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